Gelatin is is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless food ingredient that is derived from collagen obtained from various animal body parts (source). It is high in protein though, so if you are chasing nutritional/therapeutic ketosis, you should probably consume it with caution and choose a recipe that says it is keto. But if you are low carb, then you should definitely try all the following recipes!


  1. Coconut cream and strawberry gelatin, dairy free,coconut-cream-and-strawberry-gelatin_-001
  2. Healthy hot chocolate squares (use approved low carb sweetener instead of honey) img_7918
  3. Keto Christmas Gelatin Ringchristmas-gelatin-ring
  4. Low carb Jelly Slice, use coconut oil instead of butter in the base to make it dairy free, jelly-slice-web
  5. Easy Chocolate Keto Paleo Gelatin Pudding, dairy free, ketopudding1
  6. Sugar free fruitless fruit snack, dairy free, fruitless-fruit-snacks3-1-of-1
  7. Spiced Whipped Paleo Coconut Pudding, dairy free, use approved low carb sweetener,                   coconut-whipped-cream-2-e1352469019835
  8. Lemon mousse,  ketolemonmousse
  9. Salted caramel panna cottapanna-cotta-overhead
  10. Keto coffee gummies, dairy free if you use coconut oil instead of butter, bulletproof-coffee-drops
  11. Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protein Smoothie, dairy free, photo-44-700x700
  12. Melon Gummies, avoid honey or sweetener, overhead-2
  13. Low Carb Strawberry Jam, dairy free, low-carb-sugar-free-strawberry-jelly-9-600x400
  14. Vitamin C gummies, dairy free, main-landscape
  15. Easy Paleo Raspberry Sorbet, dairy free, photo-45-700x700
  16. Eggnog rocket fuel latte, dairy free and keto, eggnog-rocket-fuel-latte-55621
  17. Bulletproof coffee gummies, keto, dairy free if you only use coconut oil, bulletproofcoffeegummies
  18. Vanilla bean faux cheesecake, dairy free, be cautious if keto, cheesecake-3
  19. Hot chocolate gummies, dairy free, hot-chocolate-gummies-2
  20. Low carb orange dreamsicles, be cautious if keto, popsicle-1-800x1024

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